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There is a warm welcome waiting for you at Glebe. Here you are part of a fellowship exploring the questions of life while celebrating our daily joys and supporting each other through challenging times.

Your desire to grow personally as well as reach out to help others is met here. You gather with other seekers. Vibrant music sets the tone for discussion and reflection on issues that affect and concern us all.

Wherever you are on life's journey, you have a home here. Young or old, questioning or confident, let's connect with something greater than each of us and all of us.

What's Happening at Glebe

Blessing of the Animals
Sunday, October 4, 11 am

Come out for the Blessing of the Animals and bring your pets! This fun service and event on Sunday, October 4 will feature:

  • coffee starting at 11 am
  • the service at 11:30 am
  • BBQ afterwards & activities for children

Previous Events

Jackie Richardson, Live at Glebe! - Friday, May 22, 7:30 pm
What an amazing night. Jackie Richardson sang and shared the stage with two friends and wonderfully talented fellow musiciaJackie Richardsonns, bassist Paul Novotny and pianist Michael Shand.

The evening raised $5000 in total, and profits will be split between the Christian Resource Centre in Regent Park and Glebe Road United (to support ongoing ministries). The CRC has been an active presence in its community for over 50 years, serves over 32,000 meals a year, and with this concert is raising funds for industrial scale coffee makers. Everyone needs a cup of java.

Our thanks to Jackie, Paul, and Michael, the many volunteers of the Glebe and CRC community, the audience, donors, and sponsors (see bottom of page).

Why I Go to Church...

"The Road to Glebe" by Cheryl Stenson
In 1996, my friend Deb and I were looking for a church. Not having attended church since our Sunday School years – which were not very close behind us – we felt the urge to find somewhere special where we could begin a new spiritual journey. Read story

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St. John the Compassionate Mission
Glebe is involved with St. John the Compassionate Mission, located on Broadview near Queen. If you want to help in any way, contact Ann Atkey here. Opportunities to help include lunch or dinner shifts, Saturday afternoon activities for children, tutoring, working in their food bank, or cleaning their bakery, St. John’s Bakery, which makes some of the finest bread in Toronto. The donation box for St. John the Compassionate Mission is available each Sunday at the Glebe service. Bring your non-perishable foods, household goods and clothing in good repair. We will deliver them to the mission for people who truly need them. To learn more about St. John click here.

Thanks to the many local sponsors of Glebe events
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